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If you use social media like Facebook you can use it to interact with the couples site here. If you like the site and are a Facebook user you can like the site by clicking the like button in the top right of the screen, or you can go down to the bottom of the screen and leave a message.

You may notice on the back of the invitation a funky looking picture or bar code. You might also wonder what it is... here is the explanation:

It's a barcode for transferring information. QR stands for quick response and is becoming popular in technology circles. It is a way to relay information quickly, it is becoming popular for linking mobile phone users to web sites or triggering text messages. You may start to see these QR codes on shirts and other flexible materials, the reason is that the QR codes have the ability to error correct so the surface does not need to be flat. It also means you might see something you like, scan the QR, and go straight to the manufactures web site.

All you need is a barcode scanner for your smart phone (Droids, apple iPhones, or any other phone that has a barcode app for it) and a QR code to scan. Tony uses Barcode Scanner (http://code.google.com/p/zxing) on his phone. When you scan the QR code your phone does the rest and takes you to our web site.

QR Barcode

If you want to make your own QR barcode check out the generator I use. http://www.qr-barcodes.com/online-generator/

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