Welcome to Rebecca and Tony's Website.

Here you can find out anything you need to about our upcoming wedding. Use the menu above to navigate through our site.

If you plan on joining us for our big day please keep June 11th, 2011 open on your schedule.


2-19-11 Added a Countdown to the wedding.

2-20-11 Added a Mass Time schedule to the site.

2-25-11 Added a layout of the church to the site.

3-6-11 Updated the menu, added wedding info page, added a Church Photos page, a randomness section with social media and contact info, moved the About Catholic Ceremonies page, and a few other things.

4-4-11 Added the hall layout to the website.

4-13-11 Vote on our website for you favorite centerpiece.

4-14-11 RSVP Is now open and the invitations are slowly on their way out.

5-26-11 Transportation information has been updated. If you are planing on drinking please take advantage of the bus to get from the church to your hotel. The busses will be running till midnight.

6-2-11 RSVP is closed along with the Centerpiece voting.

9-20-11 Reception videos have been posted.